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Blue Chip are certified by the SSAIB/UKAS to install and maintain CCTV.

For over 25 years, we have designed, installed, and maintained CCTV security systems Our aim is to enhance and reinforce your business protection using the latest technology and equipment. We tailor our CCTV options to your premises, your security needs, and your budget.

Let us design, install and maintain your surveillance system and create a safer and more secure environment for you, your staff, your property.

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At Blue Chip Security Ltd, we can provide a cost-effective solution for upgrading your existing CCTV devices. We have effective ways to incorporate HD cameras by utilising your old coax cable structure; by alleviating the need to replace the cable, we can save your organisation substantial money. We offer our CCTV services across the Southeast and we work with a wide range of sectors.


Blue Chip Security’s technical engineering team enables us to install many of today’s cutting-edge technologies. Using cloud-based platform will enable a business to effectively operate and manage CCTV security devices remotely. Monitoring, CCTV, intrusion alarms and video intercom will enable security personnel to keep in touch with their businesses and properties 24/7 and allow access to live videos and playback, anytime and anywhere.


We will thoroughly assess your security risks and requirements when developing the CCTV proposal and your CCTV surveillance system will be designed, installed and maintained to comply with the latest British Standard.


By installing CCTV remote verification to specific sites, our nominated monitoring centre can determine the threat, provide audio challenge to deter or disperse unwanted visitors or inform the Police.


Blue Chip Security’s nominated monitoring station will monitor your premises within the allocated time schedules and create a plan of action, including:


  • Notifying the Police in the event of defined criminal action.

  • Notifying nominated keyholders and/or notify keyholding service.


You can be assured that we are a registered SSAIB UKAS company and are competent to assess your needs, and can fully review the risks on the premises. Blue Chip Security is recognised by various Police forces to issue a Unique Reference Number (URN), this is essential to obtain Police response. Find out more by getting in touch with our team in High Wycombe.

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Data protection and Surveillance – The Data Protection Act, including GDPR with regard to CCTV in so far as they may apply to the processing and information handling of images obtained and of the rights of the data subject to “subject access” etc.


Blue Chip will provide the appropriate signs and data information, so you comply with the Code of Practice issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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